That awkward moment when…

So, being a teenager can be an embarrassing, spot-hating and confusing time and I don’t think life will get any easier when you’re not a teenager but hey, at least most of the spots will go, right?

But, in adulthood or teenage hood there is bound to be them embarrassing moments when you feel so awkward or embarrassed you wished the floor would swallow you up or you could go die in a  hole for the rest of the day.

That led me to thinking about you guys, my readers and blog, that why don’t I share some I have experienced and some I can think might happen later in life or so on. So, here goes nothing-

  1. When you drop your bags content all over the floor in a public place on accidentThis can be hell, especially if you have to go there everyday. I have done this and let me tell you it is embarrassing, I did it at the end of a class and everybody laughed, I could feel my face burning up. One boy, however, who is usually a d*ck helped me despite the mocking he received from his friends. That helped the situation for me.
  2. When your friends parent(s) are shouting at them- This can leave you just staring at the wall or awkwardly milling around in the background somewhere. Suddenly the wall or the floor becomes a lot more interesting.
  3. An awkward conversation with a person you dislike- This can happen at work, in school or anywhere in general. It doesn’t have to be someone you know, take it from a person who doesn’t like many people in real life, but it can still be awkward and that is when you wish small talk wasn’t invented.
  4. Meeting new people- This can be at work, outside in general, school or with friends. This is, for me, an awkward experience as I’m not a people person. This also includes when you meet a friend’s friend for the first time, I think we all know how awkward that can be…
  5. When your phone goes off or starts playing music randomly- The latter of the two is one that not many people might experience (I think?) but it has happened to me numerous times and I played it off like my phone was going off..not that that helped though. It is worse in an environment where phones should be on silent or off, say in school or at work, when it goes of with a message because everyone around you will turn to look at you.
    So, these are some of the many awkward moments I have had, please feel free to share yours in the comments, I would love to read them! Comment experiences, opinions on my blog or whatever you feel like and I’ll respond as soon as I can!Bye for now-
  6.                      Darkling xox

Know who your friends are.

This, in my opinion, is an important piece of advice to remember and especially to take. You need to be able to work out the people in your life that are only there because they have no one else and the people who are there for good, because they want to be there.

It takes awhile to identify this sometimes, the people who you once thought would be with you for life aren’t going to be there, and it may hurt but you will be better off knowing which ones to trust and which ones not to; but it is important.

This may be hard for people you’ve known for a while, I’ve been in this situation with someone I thought was my best friend for 8 years, as you get attached and you think that they will change or have changed when they come back to you but chances are, they haven’t and that is when you need to let go of them, no matter how hard it is and will be it is for the best. Know who your true friends are because they will be there to help you smile through it.

You don’t want to tell someone who wont be there for you information about yourself that is personal as if the information gets into the wrong hands, it can be lethal. Trust me.

Your true friends will want to be around you in the worst times and help you through them in whatever way they can, they’ll be the ones who talk to you when you are upset or even not responding to their texts (just beware of spamming) and the ones who tell you things as well. It’s also the ones who try to involve you in everything, don’t always put you as the second choice and talk to you even when they could be to other people.

So, if you’re letting go of a friend or have, or are going through issues then here is some advice-

1) It’s okay to miss something or someone but not want it back.
2) It’s okay to want them back but you have to persevere through because the end result will be a happier life.
3) Try new things, get into more clubs where you can make new friends.
4) Don’t isolate yourself away or push your true friends away.
5) Don’t stop doing anything you’re passionate about just because of them.
6) Be yourself because you are amazing, no matter what they say.
7) Don’t let them bring you down if you hear they have been b*tching about you because they obviously have nothing better to do with their own lives than talk about you.
8) And finally, carry on being your amazing, fabulous and creative self because you are all of the good things in this world and more to you and other people.

So, yeah, thanks for taking the time to read this blog and I hope some of you can relate and will consider the advice. Comment down below any experiences, tips or opinions on the this blog because I’d love to hear them. Like if you liked it.

Bye for now-
                       Darkling xox

So, it’s me.

So, hello I guess. I’m Darkling, I would prefer to stick to that than my real name as I feel like I’ll be able to write more in detail but I will say that I am a 15 year old and a female.

I’ve decided to start this blog as I need a place that I can rant, let my emotions out, talk to new people, help people and just really, be myself. My blogs aren’t going to stick to serious, some of them will be funny and so on and hopefully I’ll upload once a week.

So, it’s only short but it’s only my first blog. I hope you enjoyed this and leave a like or comment if you liked it or have any ideas of what I should write about next.

Bye for now-
                     Darkling xox