It’s summer time! 

Hey there guys, it’s that fabulous time of year when the birds come out at ridiculous times in the morning, the heat rises and socailising is pressed onto many people! Isnt that great? 

Okay, so as you can see summer isn’t my favourite time of year due to a number of factors but I know it isn’t as bad as I described (sometimes). 

Let’s be abit jumpy with this post meaning some paragraphs might not flow into the next one, but you’re okay with that, right?

Summer. As described before, and by me being an introvert, summer isnt my ideal time. It makes me feel like I’m going to melt into a puddle of sweat (attractive right?) and gives me alot of spare time to procrastinate with. Not to mention that socailising is pushed onto people more than usual due to the amount of now free time. This isn’t all bad but over socailising leves me exhausted and frankly, dead to the outside world. 

However, living near a beach this gives me the perfect opportunity to catch a tan (if the weather is nice and not temperamental like most British weather), and swim in the sea with friends. The weather can be good sometimes as excessive eating of ice cream is considered a socail norm and more tea, as a hot drink for hot weather, is always a plus. 

This summer though I want to be different, I want it to be fun and full of things that’ll make me smile when I look back on it. Something worth remembering. That’s why I’ve set some goals if you like, one already of being done! 

My first goal was to male atleast one new friend which in my previous post tells you guys I actually made a few. 

The second goal, get a tan and not a burn. This is majorly important as last time I tried to I burned and it wasn’t nice. 

Third goal: Spend some time with my friends, atleast once a week.

Fourth goal is to go on atleast 2 adventures out to places with people you care about. The more you go on the better.  

And last but not least to find a skill, something I love to do and learn and practise it. I currently have no skill I am super talented at and love so I want to do that. 

I think I may add another, which is to upload on here more frequently and talk about anything and everything! What do you think? Got anything you want to hear me talk about?

So, that’s my summer plans and goals, you guys have any of your own? Have you got anything you want me to blog about in the future? Or share any of my goals? Let me know in the comments!

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An Adventure #1

So, I’ve  decided to do a new series of posts on my blog that will give you an insight into my life a bit more, it’s  called ‘An Adventure’, which will be where when I adventure out of my shell (otherwise known as my house) for a specific event or if something fun happens I shall write the ‘adventure’ down in here for you guys to read.

My first adventure shall be on this blog, I went to a ‘Geek Meet’ by a town near me two week ago on Saturday with a few friends and let me tell you, it is one of the best things ever. I made so many new friends (which is shocking for an unsociable person like me), did laser tag and more! It was only my second or third time going but each one has been amazing and has let me make friends and even a boyfriend! (Gasps of shock, I know)

Lets start from the beginning, my friend, we’ll call them Danny, slept over mine and we Skyped our other friend, we’ll call him Nexus, and it was just a laugh. We got the cosplay sorted for the next day, drew in permanent marker (smart right?) what we needed to on our hands and arms to match the characters and just, had a laugh.

The next day, we, well I, woke up when the alarm went off, Danny was already awake. We got ready, me of course laying in bed for another half an hour. Trust me, me and mornings do not mix. Not at all. At this point I’d like to thank Danny  for letting me lend their  cosplays, not just this time but every time. She was a massive help into getting me into cosplaying in general and I am proud to say that more of my own have been ordered!

We were set up, wigs on, out the door and on the train by 11:42 where we met up with Nexus and another person, she was nice but I didn’t talk very much. Like I said, me and mornings don’t mix and I’m not the most sociable when there is a new person, but she was nice and I enjoyed listening to them all converse.

We arrived at quarter past twelve and leaving the train station is when I first got recognised, I was so happy, they asked if they could hug me and then barreled into me when I nodded. It was amazing. It was amazting to be recognised and for the fact I made a new friend, because that’s what we become.

I made new friends throughout the day, through a group of us cosplaying the same anime (but different characters) and even had proper photos took of us in a group photo! I made friends with someone else when they asked me for a selfie and we talked about how we hoth have no socail life. I made another friend by running around with one of the nerf guns they brought, they had the other, and pretending to shoot each other, using human shields and more!

I done laser tag, where they spelt my name wrong drastically (unsuprisingly) and managed to shoot one person numerous times and duel with others that were my friends on the oposite team.

I was hanging around with one person throughout most of the day and we definitely got closer, I found a way to tease her and found out a few things I didn’t know before.

I can say that for a day or so afterwards I slept alot, more than alot. The train ride home was also fun, laid back but fun.

That had to be one of the best days this year, I recomend going to one if you ever get the chance as they are always so fun and one of the best experiences I’ve had (and this is coming from an introvert).

Like if you liked, comment opinions or expierences of your own and share! Thankyou for reading. Any of you been to anything like this? Or any cons?

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So, I’ve hit a time that is dreaded to most teenagers, the start of exam period. While I still have another year (which means even more exams) in school it’s already bringing me down and stressing me out. It doesnt help that we have builders in my house right now, meaning we have no kitchen.

But anyway, today I did an English exam on Language, and we had to write a leaflet about something we were passionate about and I picked to write about you guys! Well, blogging but you guys are also part of the reason I love blogging so much (even if I don’t upload regularily). 

I thought I’d just put this blog up to let you know how much it means to me that you read my posts and that I will be back shortly, once most of my exams are gone for this year so about three weeks. There are already blogs in the making.

Stay awesome!

Bye for now-
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Don’t worry, you’re part of it all.

A few things have recently reminded me of how small we actually are but yet how much of an impact we have on the world, and how the beauty of the world can often go unnoticed by so many. I’m not just on about paintings and buildings but tree’s and flowers, landscapes and sunsets. This is what made me think about blogging to you guys about this.

We have one life (well, that we remember anyway), and we can do so much or so little depending on what we choose, we can save the world or destroy it, we can build someone up or tear them apart and we can choose to fight our demons or let them take us. This is why we must remember to make the most of life and not just ‘go with the flow’ but do what makes us happy.

This could be anything from the little things like reading a book or having a bath to achieving a goal like becoming a pro in our career or getting into our dream university. They are all important things, you do what you want to do in life and try to lead the happiest life you can lead while appreciating those around you. This is an important factor, to appreciate others.

Furthermore, the life we lead can often seem insignificant but ‘It only takes one match to burn a forest down’ and similarly, it only takes one life to change the world for the better or the worse.

So, make the most of it and if you ever feel small remember these quotes and that matter cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred, which means your thighs could have once been a shooting star, your smile could have once been part of a dinosaur and your heart could have once been part of the sparkling sea.

For this post some of my inspirations were:

Eh .2

This poem by E.H (my favourite poet)


This old, tall oak tree. (My photography)


This flower was given to me walking home, it just shows how one-act if kindness can really uplift another person’s mood.


This is in a town. The shadow of tree looks so beautiful to me. (My photography)


This was my friend’s phone, but it was good for the picture and is a mixture between humanity and nature. (My photography, Snapchat filter) 


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Body positivity

When you read the title you probably thought it would be another post about it from another blogger saying exactly the same things as everyone else, right? Well, I guess it will be but I hope to bring some other issues to light with it aswell. So, let’s start the post, shall we.

Body positivity is a hard thing to have, even harder to keep in today’s judgemental society. It’s a thing that is vital however, as we can under appreciate ourselves and when looking in the mirror think that how could anyone want us? This is something that you should never think, someone will always want you to be around and instead of thinking about things you proclaim as ‘bad’ about yourself, focus on the positives.

People don’t magically become positive with their body, they need help and support, which is where society comes into it. The way we belittle somebody on times because of their looks can be really demeaning and self shattering to the said person, especially if they find out about it being said or is said to their face.

Another important matter to consider is that some people don’t have control over how they look, whether it be their weight, features, acne or birth marks.

Weight is in important matter to society as a lot of people see being skinny (god, I hate that word) as a good thing and the idealistic state; yes, it can be but being skinny also isn’t ideal. I have a body where I am slim (let’s say that instead of skinny) and I’m not being ungrateful as I know people would like to have the body shape and type I have, but I don’t like it personally, I would rather have a little bit of weight on me than be how skinny I am. I don’t know if this is common but if you feel this way, then it is alright. It can also happen the other way round, where people want to lose weight to gain the perfect body to them.

Just because someone  has the perfect body to you, doesn’t mean they have the body they want.

Another thing is birth marks or genetic inheritances, like Heterochromia, is judged in today’s society, this is not a thing anyone should do as no one can control these factors or make them go away. Instead of judging them, try getting to know the person and judge off personality and not just looks, because, let’s face it, looks can be deceiving.

Now, I’m not going to say the whole, ‘I don’t judge people so why are you?’ Because that’s not true, I try not to judge people but most of the time, there is always that split second when first meeting a person you judge them, I know I’m not alone on that. But, don’t let it influence the way you talk to them or think of them if you can help it and remember that the way they look might not always be voluntary.

So, guys, that’s this post wrapped up and done with I guess. If you liked it then like, comment what you think or whatever, subscribe and share! Thanks guys and remember you’re amazing as you are!

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So, recently I have been feeling a type of itching under my skin, like a monster or feeling clawing to get out and be released. The only problem is I don’t know how. I don’t have any (productive) hobbies, nothing that gets me moving about or focused and energised and that..bothers me, especially when I feel like this.

However, that doesn’t mean that it will stop me from doing things! I can make something up on the spot, such as drawing, turn on music or go out for a run and plan something for the next day. You can even rearrange your room or blog!

So, I’m going to give you some ways to increase your productivity level! Here goes:

1) Get off the devices: The mobile phones, tablets, computers and more are time dwindling things that ultimately end up using more of your time than you noticed. Not to mention they are addictive.  Try putting it down for an hour, checking it for ten minutes when the hour is up, so you know you have a good chance to be productive!

2) Get up and get active: Getting active can not only improve your health if your running or doing other physical activities, but can improve your mood and day! It releases a hormone when your happy that makes you happy, puts you in a better mood for longer! Who can really deny themselves that? Plus, nothing seems as hard when you get up and actually start doing it.

3) Smile: As with my last point, when you smile it can help to create the ‘happy hormone’ and put you in a better mood, even if you weren’t in a very good one before. Also, your smile can put other people in a good mood!

4) Socialise (maybe?): This depends on the activity and your mood, I’m not a very social person and if you want to be alone, then be alone. Sometimes it can be more fun with your friends though!

5) Don’t spread out to far: Don’t push yourself and spread your activities out to far, this can be tiring and leave you feeling tired or emotionally exhausted. Do what you want to do, not what others want you to do and make sure you know you will be able to stay committed.

So, there’s five tips to increase your productivity! Hope you enjoyed, like if you like and comment whatever you want to! Any other tips? 

Bye for now-

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Snakes and Ladders

Life is like a game of snakes and ladders, you are competing with other people to get to goal, the 100. It may not be an actual challenge like a promotion or good exam results but an emotional well-being. People can often put others down to build themselves up or secure themselves, this can be done subconsciously too, it can be one of the snakes in life.

However, unlike the game of Snakes and Ladders we don’t have to move only at certain times or move as a lone party, we can choose to group together and achieve something. Get to that goal faster.

Working in a group can also help with the snakes in life, the set backs and obstacles we can face. Yes, we may still face them and fall behind but we have people to catch us, to stop the fall being so long sometimes and other times to support you when/if you do fall far, let you know it’s alright and that you can get back up again.

The group might also stay with you, you might be friends or become new friends, and help you with other challenges in life. This will also mean that you will have to support them to, it works both ways. To receive the support you must also be willing to give it or eventually it will break off and stop.

I guess the moral of this post is that having people to support you can make challenges you face seem less tough and long, as if you have a foot up and that they may be one of the ladders you can take to get there faster. You also needs to be there for other people, whether it’s through words, actions or both.

If you don’t have anybody right now you will in time and you can accomplish things on your own, it is possible.

Just remember not to take others turns forcefully, don’t bully or disrespect to get your way no matter what as that’s not a ladder in life, its foul play.

You are all amazing and capable of everything you put your mind to! I’m here to talk to anybody who needs someone aswell!

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Darkling xox

P.S Listen to the song Hearts and Flowers by SayWeCanFly. I listened to it while writing this blog and it’s one of my favourites right now!

Music speaks to me, to you

This is something I am very passionate about, music. I can’t play anything, heck, I can barely even sing without making someone deaf (trust me, I do not have the natural gift for it). However, I am passionate about it as it is my muse or anchor per say, it can keep me calm and calm me down, this has been proven many times but that’s not the point I was trying to make; the point was that music can speak to me in a way that most people fail to and I don’t think I am the only one that feels that way.

The music people listen to can often reflect their mood, sometimes the tempo or pace, but the lyrics can truly define how we feel. This is often the case for me. That’s the thing most people around me fail to understand, that music is like a key to my soul and true emotions, I don’t know if I’m the only one like this but I don’t think I am.

I guess music often speaks to people as it can change moods drastically and explain what they fail to say, often people feel like they can relate and not feel isolated or lonely as they feel like the singer(s) can understand their pain, happiness, etc. But, you have to remember that the same song can speak to people differently, this can give an insight into the person and sometimes their upbringing.

The reason I am constantly listening to music could be for the fact that I don’t feel like I fit in anywhere so music, much like reading, gives me an alternative world where I can fit in. I’m not saying this because I want pity, I’ve come to terms with this fact and that I am still searching for something that is my special talent, I won’t give up until I find it; that’s for sure.

I don’t have many people who I can discuss things like this about, about music and how it speaks, opinions on it, well, at least not in-depth anyway. This kind of disappoints me as it is one of the things that is powerful to me, it has always helped and I can talk about it for hours.

Recently, however, I have found someone who might share my compassion for music and how it speaks to people, we have suggested songs for each other and quite a few times come out with different meaning. Despite only recently becoming friends, we get along surprisingly well.

I guess, to some up this post, if you know someone who is always listening to music then the songs they listen to might give you an insight into what’s going on in there mind and how they truly feel. They could however just be feeling anti-social or letting it play so pick your opportunities wisely as to when they have personally selected a song and maybe try talking to them, music is a language everyone can understand at least on some level.

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Revision, revision, revision…

So, I’m in year ten (British Schooling System) and have recently encountered mock exams, there are a lot of them in such a small period of time which gets coupled with course work, this means that a lot of stress on my part.

It feels so overwhelming, knowing that these are my predictions but I can’t find the want to study and when I do study, I don’t remember anything useful (I say useful because I can remember the things such as there was an odd observer eating chocolate ice cream). This has made me stress a lot and feel over whelmed with too much to do in such a short period of time.

I like my teachers (well, most of them) but they have been putting too much pressure on the mocks and I know I won’t be the only student who feels like this, which is why it is improving my confidence to write this post so that people like me know they’re not alone.

I just need a break I think, and despite having a week off from school it hasn’t helped, it has left me stressed with two mocks within the first three days I go back. I don’t feel myself and I’m not sure if it is reflecting on my writing, however I will continue to upload anyway, but I need a pause button on life or somewhere to go to feel stress free.

I realise I have just ranted and let emotion out but, isn’t that an advantage of having a blog? Being able to express yourself freely with people who understand or at least try to understand how you feel. And knowing you could be helping, or at least reassuring, someone about an issue you have faced or are facing so that they know they are not alone is a great feeling.

But yeah, thanks for taking the time to read my emotional mess and thankyou to those who follow, and enjoy, the majority of my content. Your support and feedback means a lot!

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Searching for Rainbows in Rain

A lot of us focus on the negatives in life, the bad things in a bad situation and I must admit that yes, I am a pessimist. It’s how I am. If I see a situation I will think of the negatives first but there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you look at the positives after right? It’s weighing up the pro’s and con’s and thinking rationally.

That may be why, and where, the blog and the inspiration for it came from. My pessimism.

So, this is to remind people to look for the best in a worst situation, look for the rainbow in the rain, despite how hard it may be to find. It’s a good piece of advice (well in my opinion) and I’m definitely not the first person and won’t be the last one to say it but it’s important. There will always be a bright side to a darker situation. It’s the Ying Yang of life.

The rainbow isn’t always glaringly obvious to spot, especially when the rain is hitting you in the face and blinding some of your feelings, thoughts and vision but you have to push through. I know you’re all strong enough to do it and still be the amazing people you are.

The rainbow is out there somewhere, whether the sky is clear or you’re searching for it in the rain you will find it and when you do, maybe, just maybe, things won’t seem too bad with another angle to combat the problem at. Your perspective might change and then another solution will/might become apparent.

Please don’t be scared by what outcome could happen because, if it’s with a person if they leave then they worth weren’t your time (See an earlier post called Know who your friends are for advice on that), if it’s anything else the worse you can get is that you lose something or get rejected but the best is that your bond becomes closer or you gain something and your life improves. Isn’t that always a good thing? 

So, my amazing followers please don’t be afraid to try new things or confront people about things they’ve done they’ve upset you because you all can, you’re all so strong and beautiful!

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