Month O’Blog – Day 2

Hey, guys! Day 2 (yes I know I’m posting late but shh, sleep and school starting back and an exam) of Month O’Blog and today I will be answering a question.

Why did I start blogging? 

That’s actually a good question. I started blogging because of a friend really, they started up a blog that made me think that ‘Hey, that’d be cool’ and because I decided to keep it anonymous I could also rant and rave about emotions and anything I feel like I want to.

Blogging has become a way that I can express my emotions freely and helps me feel better about myself. It let’s me reflect on what I feel and even feel like I’m not that alone or isolated as I previously felt before getting my emotions out on a blog post to you guys.

I know I’m not the most continuous blogger with regular updates but I would rather post when something is worth posting about or to give quality content because I know, personally, if I had a set time to post that I  would not or they wouldn’t be up to the standards my usual blogs are.

I started because of the fact that I could ramble and rave and maybe help people if they feel the same or even be a source of amusement to some people. Well, that was a little of it most of it was started for mainly selfish reasons as it allowed me to rant and rave but hey! I changed since then and I couldn’t be more thankful for all of you that follow me and take time to read my posts because you mean the world to me!

Hope you enjoyed this blog, leave a like and a comment to tell me why you started blogging! 

Bye for now – 
                        Darkling xox


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