We are not..

We are not made of rose petals
Of flowers that are sure to bloom 
But of the secrets we hold inside us
And the thorns stuck in our shoes.

We are not just our skin 
Or the denseness of our mind
We are made of those summer days
The ones just left behind.

We are not hair colour
Or spots on our back
But of the ones we love
And hobbies that we crack.

Yes, I may have thorns
I may not be set to bloom
But somehow set inside
I cannot keep the gloom.

This may be me today
But tomorrow I’ll have brand new shoes
I’ll walk a different path
Find new tricks to do.

The flowers may be wilting
And the thorns falling out
Winter may be coming
But the next summer helps me out. 

I will surely grow again
Come winter storms and snow
Knock me down, I don’t care
It just leaves room to grow.



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