How to..Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

Now, this is probably a blog that a lot of people would have done but I thought it was a good one for me to do as I like these type of scenarios and now that I have  a blog, I can write them for all my lovely followers. Let’s get on with the post, yeah?


-How it would start
-Key things for survival (basic detail)
-Ways government would help..
-Zombies themselves
– Key survival items (Detailed)
-Conclusion and my opinion

How it would start

The zombie apocalypse as far as I can see would start by a disease that is currently only carried by squirrels (or animals alike) where even when they die the brain remains active and alive for quite some time after wards, possibly (but don’t take my word on this) allow their limbs to continue to move. This is currently not possible for humans to get and hopefully wont ever be unless it somehow mutates.

So, in overall, it would be the mutation on the viruses that would affect humans and start the zombie apocalypse that would change humanity for the worse, and possibly wipe nations out. Could it be worse than a nuclear bomb?

Key survival items (basic detail)

-Secure hiding spots, preferably higher grounds or something detachable.
-Light weight and easily mobile weapons (Keep polished).
-Food and a lot of water
-Change of clothes and soap

Ways governments would help..

From my angle of perspective there is only three ways the government would help which I will explain to you:

OPTION ONE) Government support

This is the idealistic option but also probably the least likely to happen.
In this scenario we are looking to the government to support us as a country and not just those who are rich and have connections, this would mean that they would have to evacuate the whole country in a short space of time but make sure that no infected people got on, this would cause time delays but it is the best way to do it.
Other countries would hopefully help but I can see major ones declining helping us to take refuge in fear of not wanting to bring the virus there. I think they would however help us to bomb it after all civilians are out to wipe out the virus.

OPTION TWO) Each for their own

This would be where human nature to survive would be to kick in and the government would flee in the early stages, rich people would also flee as they can afford to get out straight away and so would people with boats as they’re easily mobile and can cross oceans. This would leave the ‘lower class’, like me, to defend for themselves which would eventually lead to a purge situation.
In the purge situation people would end up dying from other people killing them over food, water and other supplies.
But, you have to ask, would morality of us humans stop us killing zombies or loved ones? If we knew the zombie doesn’t that increase the emotional torment and willpower it takes to kill it? Some people wouldn’t be able to do it, this would lead to easy kills by the zombies.

OPTION THREE) Time and forces

It starts off the same scenario as option 2, government, those who are rich and people with boats or access to them fleeing. However, I believe in this one that we aren’t totally abandoned, there will be short ‘pick up time’ for the public at certain points where they could go to evacuate.
However, the ‘pick up time’ would indeed be very short and after that the lower class would be left to fend for themselves which would ultimately end up in the purge situation however, option two and three end the same as other countries would eventually seal off their borders to anyone, seal off our borders and send bombs in, regardless of civilians.

The zombies themselves

Due to their brain’s not functioning, as you know, they are dead, they won’t know how to breathe which means respiration won’t happen in the cells which means that they won’t be able to digest as their organs would not be working. This would lead to their stomach exploding when they eat too much, so they would kill themselves.
They would also start to rot due to the fact they can’t respire, so they would be slowly dying.
Zombies would end up killing themselves slowly as well as the living, they would be ineffective at surviving but the virus that caused them would so we would need to evacuate and quarantine the country.

Key survival (Detailed)

Food – This is important as without a good stash of this you wouldn’t be able to survive past 3 weeks, beans is ideal as you can live off of them but remember to ration your food so it lasts as long as possible.
Drink – Water is the ideal drink but you need to stash this and ration it deadly, you can only last 3 days without it.
Hiding spot – High grounds or ships are ideal as you can distance yourself from the zombies when you sleep. A boat is ideal for this as you can dock yourself away from the docks when you sleep or are on it to provide safety. Attics would also be a good things as you would have to pull the ladder/stairs down or have to pull yourself up which means that Zombies would find this hard to do if they did it at all and you can open it and slash zombies  from a safe spot. WHEN YOU GET A HIDING SPOT MAKE SURE IT IS SAFE AND THAT THERE IS NO UNDEAD.
Soap and clothes – This would be important as both of these would result in diseases such as the black plague and such if you did not keep your hygiene up. Wash your clothes and yourself, keep good hygiene and survive not only from zombies but from diseases too!


Weapons play a  very important part in the zombie apocalypse, they play a role in surviving, a very big one. Without these, you probably wouldn’t survive.
The phrase, you are your own weapon, has never been so true before that day. The more self-defense you know, whether it be by body or guns, knifes and other objects, the better.
However, the thing with weapons is that you have to keep them clean and polished, and sharp for  a knife. This entails work but if you survive it will be worth it, so read up on some articles and keep in shape. This could be valuable advice.
You would want weapons that were light and able to move around easily, this would make it the most efficient as long as it did sufficient damage. Weapons like this include; guns, knives, baseball bats, lightweight steel bars.
You would want ones that could decapitate or ones that would puncture of go through the brain, killing it and efficiently killing the zombie as even through vital organs for huamans, such as heart, would allow them to live as the brain is the one in control and infected, they are already dead.

Conclusion and my opinion

In conclusion, although a zombie apocalypse is a dream every gamer has at one point, just to test their skills after playing hours of shooter games, it is a reality that  will probably never happen. Realistically, if they did the morals people have now are significantly a problem if this unrealistic scenario was to happen.

I, even with this knowledge, have a bag packed in my room with everything but weapons and (sometimes) food. I also have  a small shoebox of things and bottles of water as well as a cloth in case of an event like this, or a fire.

So, what do you think? Got any helpful tips, tricks or ideas on what to do? Are you prepared? Do you think you could survive? Think of any way it would pan out? Tell me in the comments! 

Bye for now-
                       Darkling xox


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