It’s a bit late for the New Year..

It’s a bit late for New Year.
It’s a bit late to make those promises to yourself to change in one way or another.
A diet, love life, money and jobs.

I remember I never did New Years Resolutions as a child, everyone would have to say one in school that they made like ‘to start football’ or ‘learn a new language’, most of which weren’t completed, and when it was my turn I would shrug and say I didn’t make one or use the excuse of ‘get better handwriting’. I think the teachers knew my answers after a while.

However, at this age I still don’t really. I don’t set resolutions and promises for the year as much as just try to make the year good and don’t get me wrong, this one has been amazing! I’ve been to new places and met people who I wouldn’t otherwise, grown closer to people and more so many ways this year has been such a roller coaster and I feel like I need to do something to make the ride more stable because as much as the up is fun, the down feels like crashing and burning.

Last year wasn’t the best by far, and this year looks to be going down hill with some things but it’s also going up with others. I think I need to change. Not fully, not become a new person but change to be better in aspects and learn to appreciate that I matter and to open my mouth at times to defend myself, even if there might be consequences.

So, that’s why, for the remainder of next year and hopefully the years to come, I, Darkling, am going to make positive changes to aspects of my life until I am happy with where I stand in it. It might not be fast progress, not at all, but it will be progress no less and even through doing that, I’m making a positive impact on my life. 

I, Darkling, have decided to do this and make a positive change to myself and my life, using my blog to record them, update you and get inspiration, advice and tips from other bloggers and my fabulous followers. 

That’s all for this post and if any of you are going through anything and want to talk, want to talk in general, have any tips or anything I’ll be posting an email I made months ago in my bio so just message me. 

Like if you liked, share and comment what you thought, inspiring quotes or things and any tips or experiences you feel you want to share! 

Bye for now- 
                      Darkling xox


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