It’s summer time! 

Hey there guys, it’s that fabulous time of year when the birds come out at ridiculous times in the morning, the heat rises and socailising is pressed onto many people! Isnt that great? 

Okay, so as you can see summer isn’t my favourite time of year due to a number of factors but I know it isn’t as bad as I described (sometimes). 

Let’s be abit jumpy with this post meaning some paragraphs might not flow into the next one, but you’re okay with that, right?

Summer. As described before, and by me being an introvert, summer isnt my ideal time. It makes me feel like I’m going to melt into a puddle of sweat (attractive right?) and gives me alot of spare time to procrastinate with. Not to mention that socailising is pushed onto people more than usual due to the amount of now free time. This isn’t all bad but over socailising leves me exhausted and frankly, dead to the outside world. 

However, living near a beach this gives me the perfect opportunity to catch a tan (if the weather is nice and not temperamental like most British weather), and swim in the sea with friends. The weather can be good sometimes as excessive eating of ice cream is considered a socail norm and more tea, as a hot drink for hot weather, is always a plus. 

This summer though I want to be different, I want it to be fun and full of things that’ll make me smile when I look back on it. Something worth remembering. That’s why I’ve set some goals if you like, one already of being done! 

My first goal was to male atleast one new friend which in my previous post tells you guys I actually made a few. 

The second goal, get a tan and not a burn. This is majorly important as last time I tried to I burned and it wasn’t nice. 

Third goal: Spend some time with my friends, atleast once a week.

Fourth goal is to go on atleast 2 adventures out to places with people you care about. The more you go on the better.  

And last but not least to find a skill, something I love to do and learn and practise it. I currently have no skill I am super talented at and love so I want to do that. 

I think I may add another, which is to upload on here more frequently and talk about anything and everything! What do you think? Got anything you want to hear me talk about?

So, that’s my summer plans and goals, you guys have any of your own? Have you got anything you want me to blog about in the future? Or share any of my goals? Let me know in the comments!

Like if you liked, comment ypur opinion on this post or whatever you want to and share!

Bye for now,

Darkling xox


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