Body positivity

When you read the title you probably thought it would be another post about it from another blogger saying exactly the same things as everyone else, right? Well, I guess it will be but I hope to bring some other issues to light with it aswell. So, let’s start the post, shall we.

Body positivity is a hard thing to have, even harder to keep in today’s judgemental society. It’s a thing that is vital however, as we can under appreciate ourselves and when looking in the mirror think that how could anyone want us? This is something that you should never think, someone will always want you to be around and instead of thinking about things you proclaim as ‘bad’ about yourself, focus on the positives.

People don’t magically become positive with their body, they need help and support, which is where society comes into it. The way we belittle somebody on times because of their looks can be really demeaning and self shattering to the said person, especially if they find out about it being said or is said to their face.

Another important matter to consider is that some people don’t have control over how they look, whether it be their weight, features, acne or birth marks.

Weight is in important matter to society as a lot of people see being skinny (god, I hate that word) as a good thing and the idealistic state; yes, it can be but being skinny also isn’t ideal. I have a body where I am slim (let’s say that instead of skinny) and I’m not being ungrateful as I know people would like to have the body shape and type I have, but I don’t like it personally, I would rather have a little bit of weight on me than be how skinny I am. I don’t know if this is common but if you feel this way, then it is alright. It can also happen the other way round, where people want to lose weight to gain the perfect body to them.

Just because someone  has the perfect body to you, doesn’t mean they have the body they want.

Another thing is birth marks or genetic inheritances, like Heterochromia, is judged in today’s society, this is not a thing anyone should do as no one can control these factors or make them go away. Instead of judging them, try getting to know the person and judge off personality and not just looks, because, let’s face it, looks can be deceiving.

Now, I’m not going to say the whole, ‘I don’t judge people so why are you?’ Because that’s not true, I try not to judge people but most of the time, there is always that split second when first meeting a person you judge them, I know I’m not alone on that. But, don’t let it influence the way you talk to them or think of them if you can help it and remember that the way they look might not always be voluntary.

So, guys, that’s this post wrapped up and done with I guess. If you liked it then like, comment what you think or whatever, subscribe and share! Thanks guys and remember you’re amazing as you are!

Bye for now- 

                        Darkling xox


One comment

  1. nexless · May 17, 2016

    Do you know what? We should just have one big giant orgy. Why? Because at that point, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, everyone who is taking part in the orgy is there because they love each other.

    So how about it? Fancy getting in a orgy? XD I’ll love you like I do with the rest of the sweets XD

    (Actually, honestly speaking; I already love you like I love my sweets. Because you’re already a part of it ^^)

    Liked by 1 person

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