Revision, revision, revision…

So, I’m in year ten (British Schooling System) and have recently encountered mock exams, there are a lot of them in such a small period of time which gets coupled with course work, this means that a lot of stress on my part.

It feels so overwhelming, knowing that these are my predictions but I can’t find the want to study and when I do study, I don’t remember anything useful (I say useful because I can remember the things such as there was an odd observer eating chocolate ice cream). This has made me stress a lot and feel over whelmed with too much to do in such a short period of time.

I like my teachers (well, most of them) but they have been putting too much pressure on the mocks and I know I won’t be the only student who feels like this, which is why it is improving my confidence to write this post so that people like me know they’re not alone.

I just need a break I think, and despite having a week off from school it hasn’t helped, it has left me stressed with two mocks within the first three days I go back. I don’t feel myself and I’m not sure if it is reflecting on my writing, however I will continue to upload anyway, but I need a pause button on life or somewhere to go to feel stress free.

I realise I have just ranted and let emotion out but, isn’t that an advantage of having a blog? Being able to express yourself freely with people who understand or at least try to understand how you feel. And knowing you could be helping, or at least reassuring, someone about an issue you have faced or are facing so that they know they are not alone is a great feeling.

But yeah, thanks for taking the time to read my emotional mess and thankyou to those who follow, and enjoy, the majority of my content. Your support and feedback means a lot!

So, like if you liked, comment your opinion or whatever and subscribe!

Bye for now-
                        Darkling xox


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