Searching for Rainbows in Rain

A lot of us focus on the negatives in life, the bad things in a bad situation and I must admit that yes, I am a pessimist. It’s how I am. If I see a situation I will think of the negatives first but there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you look at the positives after right? It’s weighing up the pro’s and con’s and thinking rationally.

That may be why, and where, the blog and the inspiration for it came from. My pessimism.

So, this is to remind people to look for the best in a worst situation, look for the rainbow in the rain, despite how hard it may be to find. It’s a good piece of advice (well in my opinion) and I’m definitely not the first person and won’t be the last one to say it but it’s important. There will always be a bright side to a darker situation. It’s the Ying Yang of life.

The rainbow isn’t always glaringly obvious to spot, especially when the rain is hitting you in the face and blinding some of your feelings, thoughts and vision but you have to push through. I know you’re all strong enough to do it and still be the amazing people you are.

The rainbow is out there somewhere, whether the sky is clear or you’re searching for it in the rain you will find it and when you do, maybe, just maybe, things won’t seem too bad with another angle to combat the problem at. Your perspective might change and then another solution will/might become apparent.

Please don’t be scared by what outcome could happen because, if it’s with a person if they leave then they worth weren’t your time (See an earlier post called Know who your friends are for advice on that), if it’s anything else the worse you can get is that you lose something or get rejected but the best is that your bond becomes closer or you gain something and your life improves. Isn’t that always a good thing? 

So, my amazing followers please don’t be afraid to try new things or confront people about things they’ve done they’ve upset you because you all can, you’re all so strong and beautiful!

Like if you liked it, let me know what you thought or if you have any opinions, statements, advice to add-on or anything at all then please comment! Don’t forget to follow my Instagram and Tumblr at darklingfire. Thankyou for reading!

Bye for now-
                     Darkling xox



  1. Thehungryballer · February 8, 2016

    Haha ! Even I tend to look at and weigh the negatives first…for then looking at the brighter side is more motivating and gives us hope, courage and clearer picture of the situation 🙂 Nice post !

    Liked by 1 person

    • darklingxox · February 18, 2016

      Yeah, that’s an advantage of thinking like this! And thankyou, I’m glad you enjoyed.
      Darkling xox

      Liked by 1 person

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