That awkward moment when…

So, being a teenager can be an embarrassing, spot-hating and confusing time and I don’t think life will get any easier when you’re not a teenager but hey, at least most of the spots will go, right?

But, in adulthood or teenage hood there is bound to be them embarrassing moments when you feel so awkward or embarrassed you wished the floor would swallow you up or you could go die in a  hole for the rest of the day.

That led me to thinking about you guys, my readers and blog, that why don’t I share some I have experienced and some I can think might happen later in life or so on. So, here goes nothing-

  1. When you drop your bags content all over the floor in a public place on accidentThis can be hell, especially if you have to go there everyday. I have done this and let me tell you it is embarrassing, I did it at the end of a class and everybody laughed, I could feel my face burning up. One boy, however, who is usually a d*ck helped me despite the mocking he received from his friends. That helped the situation for me.
  2. When your friends parent(s) are shouting at them- This can leave you just staring at the wall or awkwardly milling around in the background somewhere. Suddenly the wall or the floor becomes a lot more interesting.
  3. An awkward conversation with a person you dislike- This can happen at work, in school or anywhere in general. It doesn’t have to be someone you know, take it from a person who doesn’t like many people in real life, but it can still be awkward and that is when you wish small talk wasn’t invented.
  4. Meeting new people- This can be at work, outside in general, school or with friends. This is, for me, an awkward experience as I’m not a people person. This also includes when you meet a friend’s friend for the first time, I think we all know how awkward that can be…
  5. When your phone goes off or starts playing music randomly- The latter of the two is one that not many people might experience (I think?) but it has happened to me numerous times and I played it off like my phone was going off..not that that helped though. It is worse in an environment where phones should be on silent or off, say in school or at work, when it goes of with a message because everyone around you will turn to look at you.
    So, these are some of the many awkward moments I have had, please feel free to share yours in the comments, I would love to read them! Comment experiences, opinions on my blog or whatever you feel like and I’ll respond as soon as I can!Bye for now-
  6.                      Darkling xox

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